Will Kindle kill the Publishing House?

Yeah, I know I promised a debrief on the SCBWI LA conference, but this does sort of relate. While at the conference my friend Su brought her kindle and I got to check it out. Pretty cool. I especially liked how one can change the font size – for someone like me who can’t read… Read more »

Why Attend a Writer’s Conference?

>I leave Thursday for the SCBWI National conference in LA. Inevitably when I tell someone I am going to a Writer’s Conference, they ask “So do you bring your manuscript around and give it to agents and editors?” And when I say “No. In fact that is a sure-fire way not to get published,” the… Read more »

You Can’t Hide Those Writer-eyes

>My 16 (and a half) year old daughter left this week for a ten day CSI:Forensic Science seminar at John Hopkins University. The ten day camp is her first experience with college life – living in a dorm, sharing a bathroom with three roommates she doesn’t know, on her own with meal cards and room… Read more »

Musings of Second Graders

>Often at conferences, I hear writers say that if you want to make your characters’ dialogue authentic, you should eavesdrop on conversations of kids and teens. I have also heard writers complain that they don’t have access to kids and teens and find this hard to do. I guess I am lucky in that regard;… Read more »

Newberry According to My 10 year old

>My 10 year old son was reading The Westing Game by Ellen Raskin in his Lit Circle at school. As it is one of those books that I hear about all the time, have been meaning to read, but have never actually read (yes, I know, even after getting my MA in Children’s Lit I… Read more »

Ahhh, did you miss me?

>As Staind would say, “It’s Been Awhile . . .” I wish I could say I’ve been tracking man-eating piranhas in the Amazon or ghost hunting in Gettysburg or even sipping wine while touring the ruins of Pompeii, but I can’t. The only thing with teeth I’ve been tracking are my three children; the only… Read more »

Ode To My Critique Group

>In honor of Poetry Month, I thought I’d write an ode to my critique group. (And Diane, our Queen of the Meter, and all you other poem-extraordinaries, I apologize in advance, for I know this only-one-stanza, slightly-stretched-rhyme, a-little-off-in-meter ode probably doesn’t pass your poetry litmus tests!) ODE TO MY CRIT PEEPS Writing is a lonely… Read more »

Literary or Commercial? Character or Plot-driven?

>At conferences, I would always hear authors, agents, and editors talk about ‘character-driven’ versus ‘plot-driven’ stories. Character-driven are the stories where the character dictates the action, and the reader cares more about what happens to the character than what happens in general. More often than not, they are the stories that get labeled as ‘literary’…. Read more »

Deciding What To Write — Revisited

>Okay, so after my last post I was all gung-ho. I was going to stay with what I was writing, see it through to the end, stick with what I was passionate about, what I was hearing in my heart. And I did – I wrote two more chapters and was really getting back into… Read more »