Deciding what to write

>Over the past few weeks I have been a bit stuck. It isn’t writer’s block exactly because I have several things I could be writing. My problem is which one I should be writing. I had been revising a novel that I am passionate about – in love with the plot, the characters, the new… Read more »


>I think Tom Petty said it best: “The waiting is the hardest part . . .” Of course, he wasn’t referring to the publishing industry, but the sentiment is the same no matter what you’re waiting on. I’ve done my fair share of waiting in my forty-something years of life (yes, I can say forty-something… Read more »

Writers and Imaginations

>As a writer, I find possible plot ideas in everything from crazy dreams to news articles to childhood memories to things that occur in my own children’s lives. It may be a a really cool setting I stumble upon while traveling or some oddball character I run into, even a song on the radio –… Read more »

The Books of my Childhood

>Today my youngest daughter (sick home from school) snuggled up on the couch to read Ruth McNally Barshaw’s Ellie McDoodle: Have Pen Will Travel for about the millionth time. I had the thought that when she is an adult, that book, and its follow-up Ellie McDoodle: New Kid in School which she has read just… Read more »

Ode to Sisterhood

>I’ve had one of those weeks – you know the type – when everyone is telling you what to do and what you’re doing wrong? Except, I’m an adult, so I’m supposed to be thinking for myself. Anyway, I was about ready to retreat into a hole, when my younger sister Michele emailed me. She’d… Read more »

Sweet 16 and Gothics

>I spent last week planning my daughter’s Sweet Sixteen party while also trying to immerse myself in Gothic horror for the novel I am currently writing. Thinking purple, lace, and roses on the one hand and dark, gloom, and mystery on the other seemed at first to contradict each other. As the week wore on,… Read more »

The New Year

>I opened this blog space in August of 2008 after attending the SCBWI conference in LA. Everyone was talking about their blogs and Facebook pages, and I thought, “I could do that!” But here it is January 5, 2009 and I haven’t once posted a blog! Why? Well, there was my novel – after three… Read more »