Blind Spot

What you can’t see might be murder.

Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Winter stopped hiding Tricia Farni on Good Friday.

When a truck plunges through the thinning ice of Alaska’s Birch River, Tricia’s body floats to the surface– dead since the night she disappeared six months earlier.

The night Roswell Hart fought with her.

The night Roz can’t remember.

Missing things is nothing new to sixteen-year-old Roz. She has macular degeneration, an eye disease that robs her central vision. She’s constantly piecing together what she sees– or thinks she sees–but this time her memory needs piecing together. How can Roz be sure of the truth if her own memory has betrayed her? Can she clear her name of a murder that she believes she didn’t commit?

“No young person who reads this book will ever again regard their less fortunate classmates in the same way.” — Lois Duncan, author of Stranger With My Face and Down A Dark Hall

“An utterly believable mystery, gritty with high school drama and shot through with suspense. . . . A captivating read, right to the last page.”Carol Plum-Ucci, author of The Body of Christopher Creed

“Through the teen’s gripping first-person viewpoint, the mystery and romance universalize the struggle to discover and confront the truth.”— Booklist

“Roz is an enormously appealing narrator, her tangled emotions about everything from needing to ask for help to navigating friendships both believable and sympathetic.” — Kirkus Reviews

“Teen readers will enjoy trying to sort out all the clues in solving this murder mystery and gain a clear perspective on the emotional drama of high school relationships when merely getting through the day is a high-stakes matter.” —  IRA/Reading Today Online

“Using Roz’s naivety and partial blindness, the author creates a mystery with a gritty, issue-oriented storyline to engage readers. The dark tone of the novel adds to the suspense of the story, making for a compelling, entertaining read.. . . young adults will appreciate the author’s honesty with the subjects.” — VOYA


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