Deciding what to write

>Over the past few weeks I have been a bit stuck. It isn’t writer’s block exactly because I have several things I could be writing. My problem is which one I should be writing.

I had been revising a novel that I am passionate about – in love with the plot, the characters, the new twists I’ve built in to the old plot, etc. Problem?

I went to Barnes and Noble and saw how many paranormal/urban fantasy books are out there right now. I think my story is unique, but is it unique enough to stand out from an already saturated market?

I don’t know, so . . . now I am stuck. Should I continue writing it and not worry about the market that may not be there when I complete the novel? Or should I instead work on the MG ghost story I also could be revising? Or, how about the two plots I have outlined using the characters of the novel I just finished? But, there again, do I even want to delve into the whole series thing when I don’t know if that book will even get published? Nothing like spending time writing a series of books about characters no one cares about.

When I sit down to write everyday, I start asking these questions, and I end up in the same argument with myself:

Inner Me: Write what is calling to you right now; what you are passionate about right now; don’t worry about the market.

Me: But with limited writing time, I’d hate to be spending hours and days and months on something that potentially will go nowhere.

Inner Me: So, you’re in this just to get published?

Me: Heck no, but that is a goal, nonetheless, and I’d like to be working on something I am passionate about AND is marketable, you know?

Inner Me: Yeah, I see your point.

Me: ??? !!!

Any suggestions to resolving this uncertainty? Advice? Words of wisdom? Anyone? Anyone?

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  1. Diane T

    >I say write the one you’re passionate about. Not only should that result in better writing, it should make you more efficient. If you’re chomping at the bit to write a story, you’ll finish sooner than if you have to drag yourself to the keyboard. Then you get to the other stories more quickly.

    Marketing your work sucks enough without having to let it effect what you want to write.

  2. Laura Handy

    >Thanks Jacqui and Diane! I will keep writing it, even if you guys are the only ones who ever get to read it!

  3. Su Shekar

    >Hi Laura: Just visited your blog, love it! I felt compelled to respond here to what you are going through because I understand 100%. I’d say focus on the character that is on your mind the most and write their story first. It may or may not be ‘publishable’ but at least he or she isn’t jumping up and down in your head distracting you from everything else!


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