Laura Ellen and the DEAR TEEN ME Anthology

Zest Books has teamed up with E. Kristin Anderson and Miranda Kenneally to publish an anthology based on their popular Dear Teen Me blog, and I am thrilled to announce that I will be one of the 70 YA authors included in the anthology!

Dear Teen Me: Authors Write Letters to Their Teen Selves will be released October 31, 2012 and covers a range of topics, including physical abuse, body issues, bullying, friendship, love, and enough insecurities to fill an auditorium as each author dissects critical moments from their own young lives. My letter “Losing Your Sight Shouldn’t Mean Losing Your Rights” discusses the struggles I went through as a teen dealing with macular degeneration.

The line-up of authors is so amazing, I cannot believe I am among them! Here’s the complete list:

1. E. Kristin Anderson—Want.Take. Have

2. Jessica Lee Anderson—Contents Under Pressure

3. Tom Angleberger—Shhhhhh!

4. Sean Beaudoin—Frame Meand Nail Me to the Wall

5. CharlesBenoit—Reinventing Me

6. Robin Benway—9 Things YouNeed to Know

7. Ilsa J. Bick—The Knife

8. Marke Bieschke—DanceDance Revolution

9. Joseph Bruchac—First Kiss. . .ish

10. Jessica Burkhart—TrustIs as Important as Love

11. Josh A. Cagan—Thank You,Oily Pizza

12. Riley Carney—Nothing’sImpossible

13. Tera Lynn Childs—TheFuture Isn’t Everything

14. Jessica Corra—ThePrincipal’s Office

15. Heather Davis—Raising Me

16. Daniel Ehrenhaft—GettingStood Up

17. Laura Ellen—Losing Your Sight Shouldn’tMean Losing Your Rights

18. Beth Fantaskey—I HopeYou Dance—to the Theme from Bonanza

19. Caridad Ferrer—Jekyll& Hyde

20. Michael Griffo—Be Honestwith Yourself

21. Janet Gurtler—The SkinnyGirl

22. Kersten Hamilton—It’sAbout to Get Worse

23. Bethany Hegedus—GoingAll the Way

24. Geoff Herbach—You Arethe Electric Boogaloo

25. Faith Erin Hicks—NoCalls from Spielberg Yet

26. Nancy Holder—When DanceWas Your World

27. K. A. Holt—Lois Lowryand the Space-Time Continuum vs. Boys

28. P. J. Hoover—SeepingThrough the Cracks

29. Ellen Hopkins—FindingYour Voice

30. Stacey Jay—Who NeedsLuck?

31. Carrie Jones—Seizures

32. Mike Jung—Regarding YourCommendable Decision to Live

33. Stasia Ward Kehoe—Getting Past the Fear

34. Tara Kelly—Bad Girl

35. Miranda Kenneally—PickUp the Phone and Call Him Back. Right. Now.

36. Stephanie Kuehnert—HeBroke More Than Your Heart

37. Mary Lindsey—Hope Untilthe Last Second

38. Nikki Loftin—TheRamifications of Mouthing Off to Cute Boys

39. Katherine Longshore—TheBest Days of Our Lives? Really?

40. Ken Lowery—Winging It

41. Kekla Magoon—TheBalancing Act

42. Mari Mancusi—What theBully Stole

43. Gretchen McNeil—All theWorld’s a Stage

44. Jodi Meadows—The Pursuitof (Moments of) Happiness

45. Saundra Mitchell—This IsNot Your Story

46. Hannah Moskowitz—GetBetter

47. Jenny Moss—What I ReallyWant

48. Sarah Ockler—Dancing withthe Dead

49. Lauren Oliver & Elizabeth Miles—Best Friends Forever (for Real)

50. Stephanie Pellegrin—JustBe Yourself

51. Mitali Perkins—FirstKiss

52. Cheryl Rainfield—KeepHold of Your Strength

53. Dave Roman—SpecialDelivery from Your Excellent Future

54. Jess Rothenberg—StopObsessing, Kiss That Guy, and Party Like It’s 1999

55. Jennifer Rush—All RoadsLead Somewhere

56. Amy Kathleen Ryan—Smile!

57. Tom Ryan—Sing It Out

58. Leila Sales—I’m NotGoing to Give You Any Good Advice

59. Cynthia Leitich Smith—Friends in Dark Places

60. JessicaSpotswood—Finding Him

61. Erika Stalder—Boys,Boys, Boys…

62. Rhonda Stapleton—Chunky

63. Mariko Tamaki—KeepingQuiet

64. Don Tate—Stolen Jeans,Smoke Rings, and Self-Esteem

65. Melissa Walker—You’re SoRight But So Wrong

66. Tracy White—100% True,Guaranteed

67. Jo Whittemore—All Kindsof Sexy

68. Sara Zarr—What Is aFriend?

69. Jennifer Ziegler—FacingFacts: Makeovers Don’t Change a Thing

Isn’t that just an awesome line-up of authors? Can’t wait to read all those letters! Dear Teen Me: Authors Write Letters to Their Teen Selves is available now to pre-order through BAM! and Amazon.

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