Blind Spot Available Now in Paperback!

Blind Spot in Paperback

June 10, 2014 Blind Spot was released in paperback with a cool new cover and an awesome blurb from author Carol Plum-Ucci! If you’ve been waiting to buy Blind Spot now is the time. It is the perfect summer read on a night when it is too hot to sleep anyway! You can purchase it at any bookstore or — want it signed? — order from me. Just see the PayPal order link on the right sidebar of my site.

To celebrate the paperback release I teamed up with the gals at Book Nerd Tours. It was a blast!

And hey! I want to know what you think about the new look. Drop me a line in the comments section. To help you out, here’s the two covers.

2 Responses to “Blind Spot Available Now in Paperback!”

  1. Petra

    The paperback cover looks great. Love the blue, the focus on the eye (like the original cover) and that the title is underneath.

    • Laura Ellen

      Thanks Petra! I like it too — especially how the eye looks like it is looking through ice.


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