Back from Radio Silence

I apologize for the lack of material lately on my website. Long story short, I have been moving across country. In June my family decided to move from Michigan to Arizona and becaise of that my life has been crazy, crazy busy.

We are settled, for the most part, in Arizona now. I still have boxes in my office, but it is unpacked and decluttered enough for me to focus on work once again. I am now trying to catch up on things neglected, like my writing!

One of the things I am also catching up on is the preparation for the Blind Spot book trailer! The wonderfully talented Vania Stoyanova at VLC Productions is in the midst of casting for it. How weird it is to comb over headshots of teens looking for just the right actresses and actors to play my characters!

My son James and his guitar teacher Steve ‘Oz’ Osburn actually composed the music for the trailer. Before we left Michigan (the WEEK before in fact) they recorded “Decision Point” at Sage Court Studios, a local recording studio owned and operated by the legendary Muruga Booker, who played at Woodstock and with greats like Jimi Hendrix and Jerry Garcia. The experience was so awesome for me but even more so for my son. I can’t wait for people to hear his music 🙂 Here’s a picture of my son jamming with Muruga prior to the recording session. The trailer should be finished next month so stay tuned for that 🙂

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