I love summer. So many memories as a kid are tied up with summertime. There are specific events I remember – like the time the Bureau of Land Management helicopter landed in front of our house to tell us a forest fire burning miles away had turned and we needed to evacuate. Or the time my sister and I went to horse camp in Matanuska Valley and took the train there by ourselves. We brought an entire pan of rice krispie treats to ‘fortify’ us on the journey. Or the time we convinced a neighborhood friend that we’d walked through a time warp while in the woods (my sisters and I set our watches ahead as proof.)

Then there are the everyday memories of things that happened all the time like the endless sunshine evenings (Alaska never gets dark in the summer);  drinking lemonade in the sun; running through the sprinklers; walking in the woods; going to baseball games; eating veggies fresh from the garden . . . and making lots of trips to the library. Summer always meant tons of reading to me growing up, and I went to the library two or three times a week.

For my kids now, summers aren’t exactly the same as mine. We live in Michigan where it gets dark at night so we don’t have the endless summer daylight, but we have fireflies we watch from our deck, and we love sitting out there in the dark on humid evenings. And although we do live in a wooded area, they can’t go off on their own like my sisters and I used to for hours on end. But they still have lemonade and sprinklers and fresh vegis and . . . the library.

Tuesday my 12 year old son begged me to take him and his sister to the library. I had to smile. Even though our summers are different that part isn’t, and I’m glad for it. They still equate summer with going to the library. and reading lots of books. I’m glad I’ve passed that part of my childhood on to them.

So no matter what your summer plans are, I hope you take the time to head to the library.
Happy reading!

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  1. Kristin Lenz

    I just read a YA novel about a time warp in the woods. And Maya and I rode our bikes to the library this week and signed up for the summer reading program. The books are piled high in her bedroom!


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