Truth or Dare Challenge — My teamTEENauthor Initiation

Would you believe, I have NEVER played Truth or Dare? I know! Crazy, right? But now as a married, mother of three, I am about to play.


Because I was dared to by Julie Cross author of Tempest as an initiation into the super cool “Team TEENauthor” — an awesome network of soon-to-be or already published Young Adult authors — and. . . okay, yes, I’m also doing it so I can display this really cool medal:

So, here goes my Truth or Dare Challenge:


1) If your significant other said it was alright would you cheat on them? Definitely not — even with a free pass, we’d both know it happened, and that can be hard to forget.

2) What is there about your boyfriend/girlfriend (spouse) that embarrasses you?  He doesn’t always remember people’s names, but he is so respectful, he always makes a point of calling a person by their name — so sometimes he calls someone the wrong name!

3) What is more important than money? Being happy.
4) When have you loved some one who has not loved you back? When I was a sophomore in high school, I was so  in love with my boyfriend — and he claimed to love me — but he was always going out with other girls — he evn broke up with me for two weeks once so he could go out with this girl he thought he might “like better”. It hurt bad when I realized he didn’t really love me.

5) When was the first time you had your heart broken? Ditto on number four. My junior year, when I finally wised up. It killed me to walk away from him.
6) When is it alright to mix love and business? When the person is not your boss (or anyone that holds any sort of power over you) and not your competitive rival in the business.
7) If you were given a chance to become invisible for one day, what would you do with this ability? I’d go into some super-secret, heavily-guarded facility and see what’s really going on, then write a massive whistle-blower book. Not sure where those super-secret, heavily-guarded facilities are, but hey, I’m invisible, maybe I have ESP too.
8) If you could see 24 hours into the future what would you do with this ability? Nothing. I’d leave it alone. I don’t think I could handle always knowing how things would turn out.
9) Who was your first crush with? Do I have to name names? Eeek. Brett Carlson, kindergarten through fifth grade. Sorry Brett! Hope you aren’t a blog-reader!

10) When is it alright for your boyfriend/girlfriend to lie to you?  When you look awful and you know it — it’s okay for him to lie and say you look awesome.

11) If you were the opposite sex for one day, what would you look like and what would you do? I wouldn’t care so much what I looked like, but I would definitely go to the beach and spend all day without my shirt on. I HATE that dudes can do that and we can’t 🙁

Whew! I’m done. That wasn’t so bad.

Wait. . . what?

Julie says I’m not quite finished yet.

I get to let you play now!
To play, just answer one of the above truth questions in the comment section, then it’s your turn to ask me a question. . . and offer me a DARE. I’ll pick ONE question to answer or pass on it and go with a dare!

And yes, if I go with the dare, I will post pictures of me performing it so you can verify I didn’t cheat 🙂


6 Responses to “Truth or Dare Challenge — My teamTEENauthor Initiation”

  1. Julie Cross

    I LOVE your answers! Maybe the Perfect 10 will come over and give you a dare?!

  2. J

    Truth: What’s the worse thing you did as a kid/teenager that you never got caught/punished for?

    Dare: Put your clothes on inside out and recite the nursery rhyme of your choice.

    • Laura

      I used to sneak out to meet up with this guy I wasn’t allowed to date because he was older than me and drove. Bad, I know, but I learned my lesson. One night I didn’t sneak out because my mom was still up when I was supposed to go. That same night, my boyfriend got in a pretty bad car accident. It could’ve been me in that car with him. I didn’t sneak out after that.

  3. Todd

    When was the first time you had your heart broken? When I was in the fourth grade I sent one of those notes that had the question “Do you like me?” with a box to mark yes and a box to mark no. She marked no 🙁

    Question: Name one novel you wish you had written.

    Dare: Go to a Forever 21 or similar store and try on lots of outfits and make sure you ask the sales people for all kinds of fashion advice.

    • Laura

      Thanks for coming up with an interesting dare, Todd! I decided to answer the question J. asked, but I may go do your dare anyway, just for fun 🙂


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